What Is This All About...Your Book Claretta Street The Heart Of The Claretta Street Television Series

CLARETTA STREET the novel by COLETTE BARRIS is live, moving in real time the goal-TELEVISION SERIES 2019! 

As I navigate my journey please stay on board with me and become part of the CLARETTA STREET movement.  MOVEMENT YOU SAY...WHY?   WHY?  CLARETTA STREET is light in a sea of darkness. Why?  CLARETTA STREET is hope in a time of hopelessness. Hope in a world covered in fear, tragedy and anger...ALL OF US NEED thirty minutes a night to laugh, smile and dreams...remember dreams?

July 2, 2019 Blog #2Music and Books

Fountain Hughes.  Lived to be 102 years old of the few recording held by the Library Of Congress of enslaved people of the United States of America.  So  ironic that today people are once again living in cages...

The Great Migration In America, was hope for the descendants of American Slavery.  Tens of thousands made their way out of the Jim Crow seeking their North Star of freedom and dreams.  The Eastern seaboard and it's glitz-Harlem was alive with what W.E.B. DuBois coined the ."Talented Tenth," became the template for African American exceptionalism.  West of the Mississippi the descendants of that "Peculiar Institution" made their way west-to California and Pacoima.  Pacoima was one of only a handful of towns that invited these dream seekers to come and purchase homes without covenants on the deeds of their precious homes.  IMPORTANCE..."you can't take my shit."

Let's Start Here...CLARETTA STREET PREMISE:  Follow four young girls affectionately called the, "Babies" growing up in Pacoima.  Take the journey as they navigate through the turbulent sixties and cheer as the Babies come of age in the decadent and turbulent eighties still standing still strong...Yet in between is an incredible story that will keep you riveted until the last word. 

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